The Puzzle Has Four Pieces

"The Puzzle Has Four Pieces"
The Pathway of Peace (Mirror of Truthful Good)

Imagine a red stone, large and stable. It invites you. Do you rest ofit a moment? Can you feel your heart beating, pumping the red blood we need? Red is faith. The faith is glowing, nourishing, oxygenating. Though we don't often consider it, water is in our blood. In my mind I recall the many waterwells I've drilled and how each of them challenged me to observe and learn. Quality of perception is an essential dimension of faith.

Now warm yourself, step onto the yellow stone, so smooth and comfortable. Sunshine falls on you, on your face and body, gently relaxing muscles, melting tensions. This yellow light is live, it penetrates every cell. Love, like faith is one of the gifts and abilitites we bring with us.

A large safe blue stone beckons, an easy step away in a pool of clear pure water. See the reflections in this pool. Take off your shoes, stretch your muscles. Allow your hands and feet to play in the water, there are no dangers. Allow your fears to wash away in the special blue. Cleansing releases intuition hidden in your center.

Focus on the mass near the pool. Green moss and a large green stone invite you to touch them with your bare feet and connect to Mother Earth. Green parrots come to bathe and play. Notice their determination and perfection. The green abundance enters your will to grow.

A large pink stone appears. This is a place to dance. Here we choose music, allow your heart to match it's heartbeat rhythm. Play for a while, allow your body to become one with creativity. Allow the sweat to join your body and mind. Feel the red radiance under the pink. Put your hands together and feel the strength.

A white stone appears. Rest on this stone, silence and purity surround you. The air is filled with benevolence, breathe it in. Notice fields covered with snow, do you make tracks in it? How do you share?

Now a purple stone glows and you are ready. Enter. Consider the gifts and abilities and lessons which make each of us special. Many friends made this writing possible . . . some are winged, some are finned and some are human and some are leaved. I am grateful for their patience, love and teachings. They know who they are. Healing comes from this gratitude, a key to truth. The purple horizon is large, extending beyond the know into the tiny center we call the "I". Bring this ancient wisdon in.

Journey back when ready into whiteness, sharing the clarity of knowledge of perfection. Study the allness. Open to the pink energy. Allow it to flow through your hands. This is drawing, another sort of dance. Then you see you are not alone on this dance floor. At the green stone the energy of will and determination grows and is multiplied. Creativity, when applied to Physical Therapy, has the potential of teaching new methods of honoring your body and the "Screamin' Ugly Dance" is understood as a releasing, unwinding mechanism, part of our inner knowing. The will to do the work necessary is your gift.

The blue water stone appears different this time. Your perspective is cleansed of tetherful rituals and your openness to new ideas and your inner knowing is uncluttered. Pay attention to the yellow stone again. You see love is not only for one but for the innerconnectedness of energy. This love is your touch. Your love guides human groups as they struggle to grow. This yellow energy you carry, together with all your gifts and abilities into red. The red is strong, patient, it is faith in the allness and all challenges. Red feathers dance on your head as you consider the wealth of the talent untapped in yourself and in others. The red nourishes the brave child in each of us as we explore unpredictable form. Different dimensions of this book unfold as you practice your awareness. 

Pathway of Peace
Pathway of Peace
Pathway of Peace